My priorities, if elected to City Council, will be:

Fiscal Responsibility

The City’s money needs to be spent wisely and prudently.

  • Review the City’s contracts more frequently (not just when they are up for renewal) to ensure we have competitive pricing and service;
  • Handle audit exceptions in a timely manner;
  • Work to eliminate underfunded pension liabilities;
  • Review viability of pension plans;
  • Ensure proper funding of all the City’s buildings;
  • No more “demolishing by neglect” of City’s assets.

Communication and Transparency

The lack of communication and transparency erodes credibility and trust with residents and stakeholders.

  • Make sure any decisions made by the City or City Council does not appear to have happened behind the scenes;
  • Post all available information on upcoming items on the City’s website more timely;
  • Let the residents decide how much information they want to read. By doing this residents can be empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and the City.

Code Enforcement

The City’s codes should be enforced consistently for residents and business owners. When there appears to be one set of rules for some and a different set for others, this erodes trust in the City.

  • Ensure code enforcement is given the tools and direction they need;
  • Encourage the Planning Commission to update codes instead of using workarounds.

Improvement of Processes

Listen to residents, business owners and City employees on how to improve internal processes.

  • Work to make Redevelopment Ready Certification a priority;
  • Implement a formal procedure on how resident complaints are recorded, followed-up and resolved;
  • Formalize ownership of issues and next steps for City employees;
  • Continually review processes for improvement.


Be accountable to residents.

  • Hold the City accountable to residents regarding past and current actions that harmed the residents and/or stakeholders;
  • Take responsibility for those issues;
  • Explain to residents why issues happened;
  • Address how issues are being corrected;
  • Be honest with the residents.