July 23, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting Video and Synopsis

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Here is a copy of the full Planning Commission agenda packet: July 23, 2019 Planning Commission Packet

At the Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Planning Commission meeting the Lakota Group presented the draft of the Downtown Development Authority’s Master Plan. A copy of the DDA master plan can be found here: Berkley Downtown Master Plan

The Commissioners gave their approval for the locations of two MoGo bike stations: one at 12 Mile Road and Robina and one at Coolidge and Earlmont. This item will not go before City Council for approval.

Site plan SP-04-19 was reviewed and approved allowing St. Mary’s Orthodox Church to add a brass dome on top of their building located at 3212 Twelve Mile Road, between Gardner and Griffith.

Site plan SP-05-19 was presented by architect, Joe Novitsky, who requested a site plan approval for a facade change and new use for the building at 3818 Twelve Mile Road, between Prairie and Bacon, to create an artist studio. The new design incorporates the artist’s, Timothy Yanke, design aesthetic of nature and the southwest to create a log cabin-like facade.

There was a lively discussion about how this design did not meet the DDA’s new design guidelines nor the mid-century modern feel of the downtown district. This item has been postponed. You can read about the DDA’s design guidelines here: Berkley Downtown Design Guidelines

Conditional rezoning request PRZ-01-19, was presented to rezone the LaSalette school building from office district (O-1) to multi-family residential district (R-M). With the conditional rezoning the developer will keep the same footprint, just renovating the inside of the school building.

After a few minor changes to the Conditional Rezoning Agreement it will go before City Council for approval of the contract only. The next steps, after the approval of the agreement, would be for the developer to obtain a variance for at least the height and setback from the Zoning Board of Appeals, then back to the Planning Commission for a site plan review.

If you have comments about any of these items, please let City Council and/or the Planning Commission know.